Walter Baum Painting of Ridge Valley Churches
Ridge Valley Churches
Bucks County, 1930

Walter Emerson Baum
Pennsylvania Impressionist


A Brief History
Ridge Valley United Church of Christ

     Ridge Valley's church building is situated on a 1.75 acre rural, wooded tract located outside the town of Sellersville in upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  This tract of land originally belonged to the Guittleman family who received it from Richard Penn, William Penn's son, then proprietary governor of the state of Pennsylvania.  In 1792, Henry Guittleman deeded the land equally to the Lutheran, Mennonite and Reformed congregations.  In early times this area was known as Rich Valley (named after Richard Penn) and so was inscribed on the front cornerstone of the church.

      The current church building was constructed in 1854.  The Lutheran and Reformed congregations shared the building as a Union Church from 1854-1899.  In 1899 the Lutheran congregation decided to separate and build a church home of their own.  The Mennonites had moved on some years earlier.

       The historic Ridge Valley one room school is adjacent to the church and utilized for youth activities. Our church building has been remodeled on several occasions to update the facility.  However, these changes have been made with an effort to maintain the integrity of the building's historical past.

Historic Church Cornerstone

Historic Photo and Commentary
Courtesy of Trent Yerk

1901 Photo of Ridge Valley Church
This photo of Ridge Valley Church on the left is believed to have been taken
between 1899 and 1901.  There is no bell tower and the east side has windows that are
no longer there.  The horse sheds protected the horses while services took place.
St John's Lutheran church is shown on the right.

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